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-Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation using a stainless steel medical grade blade. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types especially those with dry or rough skin texture, superficial acne scarring, & sun spot damage. There is no downtime with this treatment, and can be done as a "lunch-time" treatment. Combine it with a peel to give your skin an extra kick. No down-time good for most skin types. 

QUICK IN-AND-OUT DERMAPLANING (no extractions)- This quick 30 minute appointment is meant to remove peach fuzz and to reveal brighter skin instantly.      $85


Great for summer time, rough sun spots and over all chest skin health. Includes light chemical peel exfoliation


We use a product that is a mechanical exfoliator by Lira Clinical called Green Power Rebuilder.   Microneedling is the process of intentionally wounding creating micro-channels and  micro-wounds forcing the skin to create collagen and elastin. There is no down time, little discomfort,  no numbing, and is suitable for most skin types and conditions. A unique blend of botanicals are used to achieve a brightening effect on dull, dry and scared skin. This unique treatment can reduce sun and age spots and approve over-all skin tone and texture. Increases cell turnover and produces collagen and elastin..

CHEMICAL PEELS- Complimentary-$35

Light to medium non-medical chemical peels by Lira Clinical are added to most  Dermaplaning services as a second light exfoliation. We can also spot treat stubborn sun spots. 




-Micro-Resurfacing  is designed to increase collagen and improve the over all quality of skin, reduces fine lines and helps to repair acne scaring and sun damage. It's a treatment where the skin re-arranges itself allowing nutrition and oxygen to pass through the skin barrier, allowing for product penetration, and ultimately forces your skin into heal mode which creates the production of collagen. While the skin is beings refined we feed it pure Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin-C Serum, and Collagen.  No down-time, good for ALL skin types.


Note: If you cannot find a time that fits your schedule please text the number below.

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