DERMAPLANING           $155

-Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation using a stainless steel medical grade blade. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types especially those with dry or rough skin texture, superficial acne scarring, & sun spot damage. There is no downtime with this treatment, and can be done as a "lunch-time" treatment. Combine it with a peel to give your skin an extra kick. 


CHEM PEELS          $45+

-The benefits of mechanical and chemical exfoliations can be dramatic. We can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, & roughness caused by years of sun and dry skin. 

A chemical peel is an acid solution applied to the face & neck to remove the outermost layer or layers of skin. The skin crusts, scales, & peels over several days. During the process of the skin healing, the production of collagen is also taking place. The new skin that grows in its place is softer, smoother, has fewer imperfections, softer fine lines. Also, generating new skin cells also allows for better product penetration.


MICRONEEDLING          $195

-Micro--needling is designed to increase collagen and improve the quality of skin. It's a treatment whereby a device with small micro-channels are created onyour face & neck area to create controlled punctures, which force your skin into repair mode. Non-surgical Micro-needle length is 0.5 which is incredibly tiny compared to a traditional needle.