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Tobie is fantastic! The only thing better is how my skin is looking & feeling after my treatment!
I got a facial with dermaplaning and mini “microneedling”. I also decided to take some product home which after several days I’ve been extremely pleased with.
I’m about to turn 40 but I genuinely think my skin looks like it aged backwards 8 years or more.
Tobie is an absolute pro. Specifically, she has the extensive knowledge & experience that you want when someone is working on your face! I have to be on zoom for work, for hours a day and understandably I want to put my best face forward. I’m also health focused and want positive habits that are sustainable and products with little to no chemicals.
Getting a regular treatment & product from Tobie ticks all the boxes.
Healthier happier skin = less makeup= less time getting ready in the am!! Definitely a win/win for me. Plus the cost is fair and more than covered by the reduction in makeup cost & time spent getting ready to go out! I did the math, seriously. I really appreciated the knowledge Tobie shared with me and she’s just a very enjoyable person to spend time with while investing in your self care.
Her location is clean, comfortable, well decorated, easy to find & has its own parking lot.
I would highly recommend you make an appointment asap!


I learned more about skin care in one hour with Tobie than in any other space for a facial ever! I also love the results and my glowing look, and her products to keep it that way! Thank you for the excellent care and treatment, Tobie!


I started derma-planing at The Skin Lab about 9 months ago and Tobie has done wonders for my skin! She is a wonderful educator when it comes to skin and products. I switched from store-brand at home skin care to The Skin Lab products and I have never had clearer skin. It is always a relaxing and indulgent experience every time I have an appointment.

Lynn C

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