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What's the difference between "natural and "clean"?

"Clean, or non-toxic" is more about what is NOT in the product. What is most common is the removal of parabens, sulfates, and patrolatum. However, it can (and most do) still have many other harmful and toxic ingredients. When you see the word "fragrance" in a product, that alone can have dozens of ingredients. Companies will not disclose what is in the fragrance and call it proprietary.

These companies do focus on their environmental impact and do not animal test which is a great start!

For more information on this you can watch the documentary Stink (2015) on Netflix.

For more information on the dirty dozen list click on the link below.

Natural skincare focuses on what IS IN the product. I created a natural skincare line 3 years ago that focuses on hyaluronic acid, C-Serum, collagen, salicylic acid, squalane oil, Vitamin A and a peptide cream. The only other ingredient I believe the skin needs is SPF.

Simple, truly natural and affordable!

Note: I do not sell my products online as I like to prescribe. If you're interested in trying my products please email or phone me.

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